Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Support vegan businesses and organizations!

My partner and I have been vegetarian or vegan for our entire adult lives—since we were old enough to stand up for who we are and what we know to be right—but we haven't always been as mindful of where our hard-earned money is being spent.

Sure, when we could, we've always sent checks to (and raised funds for) organizations, supported plant-based restaurants, and purchased our animal-free stuff from natural food stores and retailers like MooShoes and sites like veganessentials.

But a few months ago, I became much less scattershot and much more organized and purposeful in my expenditures, and now budget as much as possible each month to support specifically vegetarian and vegan individuals, businesses, and organizations.

In March, we joined a local organic CSA. In April, I hired a vegan artist to design this blog's new look. In May, I sent money to a local farm animal sanctuary and gave a subscription to Vegetarian Times as a gift. And this month, we bought soaps from an independent vegan retailer and renewed our lapsed NAVS membership. (Over the next few months, I'm planning to donate to support the work of an animal attorney, and we'll be supporting vegan vendors for our small vegan wedding this fall.)

Putting your money where your heart is is a substantial (if too-often-overlooked) way to help make our world a little more compassionate. To the extent that you can, start doing it today!