Sunday, October 12, 2014

U.S. tour for Growl author Kim Stallwood

Later this month, longtime animal advocate Kim Stallwood is returning to the United States—almost exactly 24 years after his first speaking tour here—to promote Growl, his widely-praised new autobiography (Lantern, 2014).

In the Introduction to the book, Stallwood writes that, while animal rights is "about our relationship with nonhuman creatures, it's also about locating meaning in our lives and finding out who we truly are." Many passages in the book mirror my own experience as I went vegetarian in my 20s, then fully vegan in my 30s (for example, "being squeamish about certain forms of animal bodies and relishing others was illogical and inconsistent").

Though I've followed his LinkedIn updates for a few years, I was surprised to learn about his culinary training, and I appreciated his hope that future chefs would be able to pursue their creativity without having to use animals—indeed, that they wouldn't even have to use the word "vegan" to describe their entirely cruelty-free cuisine. It'd be a future where vegan food is just food—kind of like "Italian food" is just "food" in Italy and "Indian food" is just "food" in India.

Much of Growl is a personal chronicle of Stallwood's work within organizations—the infernal and exhausting work of managing infighting, politics, power struggles, internal disputes, and bureaucracy. He describes how some vegans simply give up and retreat to spending too much time in what Stallwood calls our "Misanthropic Bunkers"—our safe havens, our vegan sanctuaries, our vegan blogs. 

To hear Stallwood speak in person, visit the most updated list of his upcoming U.S. appearances in the Events section of his website. The list below is a guide, but please confirm before attending.

October 30
Presenting ‘The Animal Rights Challenge’ at a public meeting hosted by NYU’s Animal Studies Initiative

October 31
Interview with Caryn Hartglass of REAL Radio

November 4
Presenting ‘Growl’ at Professor David Cassuto’s Animal Law Class, which is followed by making the same presentation to Professor Len Mitchell’s Business Ethics Class at Pace University

November 5
Second ‘Growl’ presentation for Professor Mitchell’s Business Ethics Classes at Pace University, which is followed by a meeting with Jasmin Singer and Mariann Sullivan of Our Hen House

November 6
Speaking at the launch party for the anthology, Ecofeminism: Feminist Intersections with Other Animals & the Earth, at Bluestockings bookstore, NYC

November 7
Meeting with attorneys Sarah Griffin and David Wolfson about Minding Animals International

November 10
Presenting ‘Growl’ at the vegan cafe, Grindcore House, hosted by The Humane League in Philadelphia, PA

November 12
Presenting ‘Growl’ at Red Emma’s bookstore and vegetarian cafe in Baltimore, MD

November 13
Lunchtime presentation of ‘Growl’ for the staff, volunteers and trustees of Alley Cat Allies, Bethesda, MD, which is followed by presenting ‘Growl’ at a public meeting hosted by ACA at the Washington Humane Society’s Behavior and Learning Centre

November 14
Consultation with Dawn Moncrief, A Well-Fed World, which is followed by an afternoon presentation of ‘Growl’ for the staff of the ASPCA’s Washington DC office

November 15
Evening presentation of ‘Growl’ hosted by Maine Animal Coalition at University of Southern Maine

November 16
Evening presentation of ‘Growl’ at the vegan Grasshopper Restaurant hosted by the Boston Vegetarian Society

November 17
Evening reception hosted by GREY2K USA Worldwide at their offices in Arlington, MA