Sunday, March 20, 2011

Welcome to our new vegan age!

Hi! I'm Tom.

I followed a vegetarian diet for 13 years before going vegan a year ago. With more information, acceptance, products, media attention, and blogs than ever before, it was a very easy time to give up dairy, and now is a great chance for all of us to live better and in more harmony with our world.

I'd originally started thinking of starting a small nonprofit with a mission to help increase the percentage of us who don't use or consume animals from 1 to 5 percent during my lifetime, thinking that five percent might become a real social, economic, and even political base from which our new vegan age could go mainstream and no longer be a "fringe" movement.

Instead, I've decided to apply my passion for writing, editing, teaching, and marketing to a monthly blog addressing our increasingly vegan-conscious society's needs for education, answers, assistance, discussion, and advocacy.

During the last few months, I've met dozens of vegans, almost-vegans, and never-will-be vegans whose perspectives—when shared, discussed, and analyzed—will become an integral part of this necessary foundation. Their work and ideas, as told in this space through stories, news, and interviews, will inform a global audience, and be presented in a forum of positive, productive discussion—including constructive disagreement.

Look for new vegan age to be covering interesting new ideas and trends. I've already lined up interviews with vegans doing great work in the food, arts, tech, information, and advocacy communities, and these articles will start appearing here in the coming months. Together, we'll welcome the affirmation and criticism of experts, amateurs, supporters, and skeptics alike, asking only that the tone remain positive, engaging, and encouraging of different points of view.

Thanks for stopping by, and thanks to all of you who have expressed your support for this project. I'm dedicating today's founding of new vegan age to the courageous and suffering people of Japan and the Middle East. We're all really only here to love and help each other, and let's all continue to do something every day that contributes to another person's and animal's well-being and fulfillment.