A perfect time to stop eating animals
November 22, 2014
There's no sacrifice at all in being vegetarian or vegan—only the rewards of a rich variety in food, improved health, and a much lighter spirit.

Christianity & veganism
April 13, 2014
In this three-part series for Lent 2014, I challenge non-vegan Christians to consider the merits of going vegan. These posts address many Christians' commonly-held beliefs about animals, answer questions about the vegan way of living, and encourage prayerful introspection to supplement Biblical evidence.

Vegan Credo
June 22, 2011
What I believe and why.

Yes! We are making a difference
January 20, 2013
Progress is thanks to you—all of you—who discuss, blog, read about, and live your veganism faithfully. It's working.

Watch Your Food: The Top 10 Food Documentaries
July 11, 2012
John A. Zukowski reviews ten food movies that cover ground the mainstream media won’t.

Vegans are good for your restaurant's business

June 3, 2012
Kim Stahler advises restaurant owners how creative vegan dishes can improve business and their reputation.

Giving it all away
December 21, 2011
A few months ago, I started giving away nearly everything I own.

Yelp: A vegan's best friend?
August 12, 2012
Kim Stahler offers helpful tips on—and describes the ins and outs of—Yelping for vegans.

Rynn Berry: Compassion, conviction, and consistency
January 10, 2013

The erudite titan of compassion, who inspired thousands with his gentle good humor and unwavering commitment to ethical veganism, died yesterday at age 68.

Veganism is my 401(k)
April 1, 2012
Four ways our veganism is even more important, guaranteed, and secure than any 401(k) or Social Security might ever be.

Chenoa Manor: Replacing cruelty with compassion
January 20, 2013
John A. Zukowski meets founder Rob Teti and takes a tour of the Pennsylvania animal sanctuary.

Dirt from my grave
November 22, 2011
For several years, on top of my refrigerator, I've kept a Snapple jar filled with dirt from my presumed burial spot.