Sunday, July 10, 2011

Join or support my 3-day walk for Farm Sanctuary!

This World Vegan Day, to celebrate vegans' hope for the day when all animals are free to lead lives without cruelty, confinement, or slaughter, I'm walking from Philadelphia's Liberty Bell to New Hope, Pennsylvania.

Exact route & final details TBD.
Will you join me for any part (or all) of this 3-day walk ending Tuesday, November 1st? Or support it by making a donation to meet Farm Sanctuary's critical mission of providing injured and abused farm animals a comfortable life?

To celebrate the ease of being vegan and the diverse options today's vegans enjoy, each evening, we'll share a nutritious, flavor-filled meal, either around a campfire (with vegan sausage, roasted potatoes, spicy vegetables, and rich, dairy-free desserts), or at a popular local eatery along the route that features innovative vegan cuisine.

We owe it to the animals, we owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to our beautiful planet to stop buying, using, or consuming products derived from animals. Through this blog and other places, I'm learning that people from all backgrounds agree that going vegan is the best, simplest, most delicious, and most rewarding decision they've ever made.

Please visit my Personal Fundraising Page to make a secure online donation or let me know how you'd like to help or get involved!

October 18, 2011 UPDATE: With the walk starting next weekend, I've posted a new update with answers to some commonly-asked questions. Hope to see you there!