Sunday, May 5, 2013

World Vegan Day 2013

Many vegans don't know we have our own special day. But thanks to The Vegan Society, which established World Vegan Day in 1994 to mark its 50th birthday, we do!

The celebration shares November 1st with All Souls' Day and is the anniversary of a number of other important events in history, too. (It also picks up the day after National Vegetarian Month ends.)

It'd be great if you could take a few minutes this year to write, blog, tweet, or post about World Vegan Day. And with a few months left until it arrives, you've got time to start planning something that will make it even more special:

  • Volunteer at a local farm sanctuary or animal shelter on or near the day.
  • Rescue or adopt a homeless animal. Our boy Smooch came up north from Alabama.
  • Donate to a trusted animal-protection organization.
  • Set up an "Ask a vegan" area on your blog or table at your local library (what I did last year) or natural food store. Your favorite vegan company might even provide samples for you to hand out.
  • Organize a fundraiser for your favorite vegan charity. In 2011, friends and family donated over $1,700 to Farm Sanctuary when I did a 3-day walk from Philadelphia's Liberty Bell to New Hope, PA. Some of them even joined me for part of it!
  • Bake and share your favorite recipe with friends, family, and coworkers. If it's cookies or a cake, make sure they're moist; we've learned that sharing something even a drop drier than what nonvegans are used to can result in a dismissal of veganism. (Everyone likes Dreena's chocolate chip cookies, and you can make a batch easily and in no time.)

Sending out a simple press release that ties together World Vegan Day and your activity's personal, local, or national historical significance can help spread awareness of the cause. My announcment two years ago led to great exposure for Farm Sanctuary when the local NPR station mentioned the walk as an introduction to an interview with Gene Baur!

What are some other ways we can help make this year's World Vegan Day the most widely-celebrated to date? And how can you use it to help to build awareness of veganism's importance for future generations?