Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Spiritual Pop Culture with John A. Zukowski

Few would disagree that pop culture has overtaken much of the time people used to devote to religion.

In Spiritual Pop Culture, an ambitious new blog exploring the intersection of these two apparently conflicting realms, writer and long-time vegan John A. Zukowski critiques popular media with a spiritual and ethical perspective. "However," he writes,

[T]his isn’t a comparative religion site. I’m not going to list or debate the beliefs of each particular faith. There are other sites that do that. And other sites that feature up-to-date (and usually controversial) religion news stories. And there are other sites with blogs (some quite excellent) on different aspects of faith.

This is a site specifically about spirituality and ethics in popular culture. I hope it can be a resource to seekers, people interested in critiquing the media, and religious institutions looking to incorporate pop culture into their curriculum.

You may already recognize John from his popular New Vegan Age articles like The Top 10 Food Documentaries and Vegans and Vegetarians in Pop Culture—he's great at asking novel questions and exploring unconventional themes. So bookmark Spiritual Pop, say hello to John, and jump into the conversation. Last month's interview with prominent vegan author Victoria Moran is a great place to start!